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Neve 88D

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Neve 88D

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The Neve 88D is considered by many to be the greatest sounding and most powerful digital music console on the planet. Using classic Neve transformer mic inputs and Gigabit-linked Super High Definition converters, the Neve 88D represents the pinnacle of digital console design and brings the legendary Neve Sound to contemporary music production without any compromise on power, control, flexibility or integration.


This powerful digital console combines a DSP engine capable of mixing 1000 tracks at 96kHz with classic Neve mic pre-amplifiers (1081R) for perfect sound acquisition, dedicated 8.1 surround monitoring of multiple sources and the latest Encore Plus automation for efficient and creative mixing.

High PCM sampling rates, DXD mixing and 40-bit floating point processing provide the digital route to the ultimate in mix quality. Classic Neve EQ and Dynamics plug-ins ensure that 88D retains the true character of the legendary Neve Sound.

The 88D Monitor Facilities Rack is a digitally controlled analog monitoring unit. It provides enhanced monitoring facilities including context mixing stem summing for music for film mixing and control of multiple surround speaker sets.

Control Surface

Ease of operation is central to 88D’s design. Conventional channel strips with touch sensitive illuminated logicators are a very simple and direct method of control feedback. A knob per function centre panel aids sweet spot mixing. A 'small fader' path and a simple layer structure give easy access to large numbers of channels.

The clearly laid-out monitoring panel gives direct access to multiple internal and external sources in any surround format. The powerful automation system and ergonomic console surface are totally enmeshed enabling control linking and grouping in a uniquely mixer friendly style.

The totality of control makes the Neve 88D an incredibly powerful and versatile console – capable of handling multiple sessions in multiple formats with different external equipment and production requirements.


Encore Plus sets the world wide standard in advanced automation. Power and speed are the keys to combining efficiency and creativity. Total security and simple structure combine with RAM based mixing for instant A/B comparisons. Universal across all the AMS Neve console range – mixes on Neve 88D can start life on an analog Neve 88RS for orchestral recording or finish on a DFC Gemini as a film soundtrack – no matter where the music is going Encore Plus Automation delivers.



  • Classic console design
  • Neve sound processing
  • Individual channel operation
  • Up to 1000 channels at 24-bit/96kHz
  • 8.1 multi-stem Surround
  • Classic analog front-end
  • MADI, AES/EBU and analog I/O
  • Powerful Neve EQ & Dynamics
  • Floating point DSP Plug-Ins
  • Extensive DAW Integration
  • DSD/DXD Hi Definition
  • Encore Plus Advanced Automation
  • 8 fader center control section
  • Instant recall
  • Redundant power supply feature
  • Stable and proven digital architecture
  • Long life TFT display screens
  • Acoustically optimized frame
  • Interface to all common HD recording systems
  • Control surface for Pro Tools™ via MIDI protocol
  • Seamless integration to AMS Neve CineFile Music Multitrack


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