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Phoenix Nicerizer 16 MKII

$2,899 Dólares


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Phoenix Nicerizer 16 MKII

$2,899 Dólares


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      The Nicerizer 16 mk2 is our beloved 16 channel Class A discrete summing mixer :
      Hi-Fi Transformerless Balanced Buffer Input Stage
      Our exclusive electronically-balanced, transformerless balanced buffer input circuit (one for each of the 16 channels) delivers fast transients and the full frequency spectrum (from sub-bass to the highest air band), while still delivering the full, warm and smooth characteristics that make engineers love our sound. The +8db switch allows the user to ‘hit the input’ buffer amp harder delivering a more saturated and fuller sound with extended bass.
      Boldly outperforming transformer-based designs in both the frequency response and slew rate, the Nicerizer delivers articulate, punchy and full-bodied input signals, allowing you to drive the output stage for a vast range of pure Class-A tones—from bold clarity to vintage warmth, and everything in-between. The ability to bring to life cold digital mixes, into a broader pallette of colour, the Nicerizer is never subtle but also never overpowering with the flexibility to work excellently on all types of music from classical through pop & r&b to heavy rock, ther Nicerizer can deliver analogue colour to all your mixes.

      Legendary Transformer-Balanced Output Stage
      Our custom-wound  DB694 output transformer is coupled to Phoenix's proprietary, fully discrete DSOP-2 output amplifier. The DSOP-2 is a direct descendent of the venerable TF1 amp which Phoenix's head-designer, David Rees, developed as an upgrade for vintage Neve modules. Going beyond the TF1, the DSOP2 is the pinnacle of Class-A output circuit design, offering up a smooth transition from ultra-clean to beautifully saturated tones.
      Stereo width for extra control and mixing fun !
      Our stereo width is an excellent effect which neatly allows the mix to have a narrow effect or a 25% wider effect, employing elements of M&S, phase cancellation and our secret design, the stereo width effect has the opportunity to add sparkle to a mix.


      • The Nicerizer 16 is a 16 Channel DAW Summing Mixer
      • 2U 19″ rack mountable
      • Transformerless Balanced Class A Discrete Line Input Technology
      • 16 Channels
      • Stereo LED level monitoring
      • Transformer Balanced Class A Outputs
      • Balanced XLR’s
      • Class A characteristics
      • 16 x detented Pan pots


      • 16 channels of our Class A, discrete, truly balanced transformerless input stage.
      • Our proven and loved Class A, discrete, transformer balanced output stage (DSOP-2).
      • Phoenix custom wired transformers on both outputs.
      • Individual detented pan control for each channel (16 x Pan pots)
      • 16 x Balanced Input XLR’s. Can accept balanced or unbalanced input with no -6dB loss.
      • 2 x mix busses (Stereo Mix Bus)
      • 1/4″ TRS unbalanced Insert sends on Busses (L + R Bus Insert points)
      • +8dB Boost button on each channel.
      • Master mix bus output level control.
      • Stereo LED level monitoring.
      • Switchable for each channel and Main Output
      • Stereo/mono External/Headphone monitoring Output. Switchable to each channel, external input (via 2T Return), Auxiliary and Main output, includes monitoring of the mix bus. (L, R, and Stereo)
      • Main Outputs on Balanced XLR’s
      • 1/4″ TRS unbalanced Jacks for Auxillary outputs with front panel level control
      • 2 Track stereo mono inputs on 1/4″ TRS balanced Jacks
      • Class A Stereo Width control with Loss-less Bass. Pannable from mono through to +25% Wider + Width control Bypass switch.
      • Maximum Output Level of +26dB.
      • Huge headroom available on all channels.
      • All units are wired with PTFE silver plated military grade cable.
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