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Elysia Nvelope 500



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Elysia Nvelope 500



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      Reshape the sound of your tracks or entire mix with the elysia nvelope 500. This 500 series Class A audio processor lets you dial in the attack of your track to give it more or less punch in the mix. This is perfect for your drum mixes, guitars, keyboards, and much more. The sustain control increases or decreases the sustain of your track, helping you place it where you want it in the mix. Add the perfect amount of highs or lows with the robust frequency controls.

      elysia nvelope 500 Class A Stereo Impulse Shaper at a Glance:

      • Three modes of operation
      • Dual mono or stereo linked operation
      • Stepped pots

      Three modes of operation

      The functional and flexible elysia nvelope 500 gives you three great modes of operation: full range, dual band, and EQ. Full range mode lets you tweak the attack and sustain of your track. Dual band mode gives you control of the attack and sustain, like full range mode, but adds frequency controls to determine the start and end frequencies that are affected. With EQ mode the nvelope 500 turns into a shelf filter where attack and sustain controls turn into cut/boost controls to dial in your ideal frequencies. You can also mix the channels of the elysia nvelope 500 to have one full range channel and one dual band channel at the same time!

      Dual mono or stereo linked operation

      With dual mono and stereo functions, the elysia nvelope 500 adds even more flexibility. In dual mono mode, you can process the bass drum and snare on separate channels simultaneously. Tweak your synth track in stereo mode for punch and detail while setting a different EQ on each side. For single tracks to sub-mixes and full mixes, the elysia nvelope 500 lets you sculpt your ideal sonic signature each and every time.

      Stepped pots

      The elysia nvelope 500 features 41-step pots, to make recalling precise settings, and even experimenting with new settings quick and easy. No more guessing where the knob was exactly set! The nvelope 500 makes it simple.

      elysia nvelope 500 Class A Stereo Impulse Shaper Features:

      • Reshape the sound of your tracks or mix
      • Stepped potentiometers for repeatable results
      • Auto-gain feature to control unwanted peaks and gains
      • Discrete Class A circuitry
      • Compact 500 series processor

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