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Ocean Way HR4S

$6,860 Dólares


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Ocean Way HR4S

$6,860 Dólares


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      Ocean Way Audio has released an accurate, wide dynamic range reference monitor for the recording studio environment. The Ocean Way Audio HR4 Reference Monitor is a 24", integrated 2-way dual-horn system that can be placed in any environment to provide an exceptionally accurate monitoring experience. The Ocean Way HR4S package includes the HR4 with the 800 watt two-way, side-ported S12A studio sub for extended low frequency monitoring.

      At the heart of the acoustic design is HR4's dual/hybrid waveguide system delivering a a 100 x 40 degree window. Its unique design is realized with the aid of high-grade, 3D solid modeling. This accurate process allows for creating geometrically-complex surfaces that create accurately-matched and detailed imaging within the system. As a result, the HR4 delivers a stunning 100 degree dispersion pattern over a very wide audio range. An unusually-wide horizontal sweet-spot is revealed with rich detail across a broad area of the listening environment. The consistency of its stereo image, ever at the far corners of the room, is delivered due to the highly consistent directivity response of the speaker system.
      The HF driver is a high definition design with excellent mechanical linearity. The LF driver is geometrically reinforced aluminum cone with a vented case aluminum chassis yielding optimum strength and low compression. Combined with the sealed cabinet, the system is tuned to perfection with a seamless transition between the drivers. The two-way, self-powered design delivers an unprecedented level of performance allowing for flexibility of placement in the room with a matched uniform frequency response of 35 Hz to 25 kHz, and an extraordinary 116 dB maximum SPL between channels. In spite of the HR4's minimal footprint, its exceptional low frequency response eliminates the need for a subwoofer.
      Each set of components are carefully selected and matched as close as possible to achieve high performance standards. The process could easily be compared to that of building a fine musical instrument.


      • Powered: Yes
      • Driver Configuration: 2-way, compression-driven horns/waveguides
      • HF Driver Size/Amp: 1" / 125 W
      • LF Driver Size/Amp: 8" / 125 W
      • AES-3 Digital Inputs: Yes
      • Horizontal/Vertical Directivity Control: 100/40 degrees
      • Frequency Range: 35 Hz - 25 kHz
      • Maximum SPL: 116 dB
      • Enclosure Type: Sealed
      • Dimensions: 14 in (H) / 25.5 in (W) / 14 in (D)
      • Weight: 57 lb

      Please note: The pictured Sound Anchors ADJ2 monitor stand is not included. It can be purchased separately.

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