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Phoenix PIVOT Tone Channel 500

$599 Dólares


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Phoenix PIVOT Tone Channel 500

$599 Dólares


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      A Totally Unique EQ

      While the Pivot Tone (formely known as Tilt Tone) boasts our ultra-high impedance DI, our bold, electronically-balanced line input stage, and our fully discrete DSOP-2 Class-A output stage, it is the simple and intuitive EQ that makes this unit so uniquely powerful. A pivot EQ is like a sonic see-saw; you choose the center frequency (think: fulcrum), and then simply tilt the entire frequency spectrum (think: wood plank) back and forth to taste. "Brightening" boosts everything above the chosen center frequency while simultaneously attenuating everything below it; "darkening," of course, boosts bass while attenuating treble.

      Simple Yet Powerful

      The Pivot Tone is one of the easiest and most intuitive EQs ever designed, but don't let its minimalism overshadow its sophisticated circuit design or its natural musicality. Utilizing our fully discrete Class-A circuits, the Pivot Tone delivers world-class, hi-fi sounds that make any line input or DI'd signal sound lush, full and coherent. The EQ section beautifully brightens or darkens your signals in subtle yet powerful ways that more complex EQs simply can not. Center frequencies on the Pivot Tone are 160Hz, 800Hz and 1.6kHz, offering three strategically-placed points for an intuitive, musical user experience. Whether aiming to beef up a DI'd bass (try darkening at 160Hz), add sparkle to an acoustic guitar (try brightening 1.6kHz), or sweeten an entire 2-bus mix (try tilting around 800Hz), you'll find yourself reaching for the Pivot Tone again and again, wondering how you lived without such a simple and musical tool.

      More Tone Under The Hood

As with all our equipment containing our ultra-clear input stage and our DSOP-2 output stage, a wide range of tones are available on board, from the clearest of clean tones to the lush, warm saturation that only a Class-A transformer-balanced output stage can provide. The output attenuator on the Pivot Tone makes "driving" the output stage for different tone characteristics simple and fun—just back off on input levels for cleaner tones or drive harder for more warmth and saturation. The 10-segment LED meter will help you set the perfect output level with no fuss.

      A World-Class DI

      The ultra-high impedance (10Mohm) DI will never roll off highs or slow down bass, and this assures that the EQ section and the output stage see the most robust signal possible from all your DI'd instruments. With one of the very best solid-state DIs on the market, the Pivot Tone's added tone control and saturation possibilities make this DI feel more like using a great amplifier. Even considering tube-based models, it would be hard to find a DI unit that's as lushly musical and intuitively useful as the Pivot Tone.


      •  Class-A, discrete input line buffer amp
      •  Class-A, discrete DI
      •  DSOP-2 Class-A, discrete output amp with custom wound output transformer
      •  Unique 3 position pivot point sloping EQ with 3 fixed pivot positions : 160hz, 800hz & 1.6khz
      • Dark & bright tone control
      • 10 position LED output metering
      • Output level control
      • 24v built PSU so you can feel the sound of the 'true' unit and not be limited by the limitions of running at 16v which is the standard Lunchbox voltage.
      • Special design allows 24v operation for true-to-form Class-A operation, a Phoenix Audio innovation.
      • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20Khz +/- 0.5dB
      • Maximum Output: +26dBu @ 1Khz
      • Noise: 90dB @ 22Hz to 22KHz
      • DI Input Impedance 10Mohm
      • Inputs: 1/4" jack (TS) input & through input on the front panel
      • Transformer isolated balanced output (XLR) on the rear panel
      24v built PS


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