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FabFilter Pro-R Reverb Plug-in

$149 Dólares


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FabFilter Pro-R Reverb Plug-in

$149 Dólares


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      Pro-R Reverb Plug-in

      Reverb Plug-in with Stepless Space, Intelligent Stereo Width, and Predelay Controls; 6-band Decay Rate and Post EQs, and Real-time Spectrum Analyzer - Mac/PC AAX Native, RTAS, VST, VST3, AU, AudioSuite

      The Next Step in Reverb Plug-ins

      FabFilter Pro-R is an incredibly realistic-sounding reverb plug-in that lets your tracks sit beautifully in the mix without causing unnatural coloration or phase issues. We've found Pro-R to be amazingly versatile. Reverbs come in all shapes and sizes, and the Pro-R nails them all to perfection. From intimate rooms to enormous cathedrals (and everything in between), FabFilter's sophisticated algorithms faithfully create the perfect ambience for any track, with pristine fidelity and gorgeous tails. And considering how effective it is, you'll find Pro-R, with its beautiful Retina interface, delightfully easy to use.

      Amazing reverb, powerful control set

      FabFilter designed impeccable room models for Pro-R, ranging from subtle, barely there ambience, to gargantuan halls. Intelligent Stereo Width control has the stereo soundstage covered from mono to stereo and beyond. 

      FabFilter Pro-R Reverb Plug-in Features:

      • Impeccable room models, ranging from subtle, barely there ambience to gargantuan halls
      • Carefully developed to easily fit in the mix, without causing undesirable coloration, density, or phase problems
      • Gorgeous Retina interface with large interactive reverb display featuring Decay Rate EQ and Post EQ curves
      • Very easy to set up, with comprehensible, non-technical controls
      • Stepless Space control intuitively combines the room model and decay time
      • Select from over a dozen carefully designed room models and seamlessly blend between them
      • Decay Rate control, changing the overall decay time from 50% to 200% of the current Space setting
      • Intelligent Stereo Width control, ranging from pure mono to true stereo and beyond
      • Distance control to adjust the proximity to the sound source in the selected space
      • Character control ranges from transparent decay, to lively reverb, to over-modulation
      • Brightness knob affects overall brightness plus HF decay
      • Mix knob with Lock Mix, which prevents preset loading from overriding current mix setting
      • Predelay control ranges from 0 to 500ms, with optional host tempo sync
      • 6-band Decay Rate EQ, with Low/High Shelf, Bell, and Notch filters
      • 6-band Post EQ effects your final reverb sound, with Low/High Cut, Low/High Shelf, and Bell filters
      • Real-time spectrum analyzer also visualizes decay time at different frequencies
      • Full Screen mode offers a large analyzer display and reverb Decay Rate EQ and Post EQ
      • Choice of interface sizes: Medium, Large, Extra Large
      • Support for Pro Tools hardware control surfaces

      Tech Specs

      • Software Type:Reverb
      • Platform:Mac, PC
      • Upgrade/Full:Full
      • Download/Boxed:Download
      • Bit Depth:32-bit, 64-bit
      • Format:AAX Native, VST, VST3, AU, AudioSuite
      • Hardware Requirements - Mac:Intel processor
      • Hardware Requirements - PC:Intel compatible processor
      • OS Requirements - Mac:OS X 10.8.5 or later
      • OS Requirements - PC:Windows 7 SP1 or later
      • Manufacturer Part Number:11-30266
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