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Peluso R14

$749 Dólares


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Peluso R14

$749 Dólares


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      The Peluso R 14 Ribbon Microphone is a passive ribbon microphone. Our R-14 employs a thin corrugated aluminum ribbon tensioned between two rare earth neodymium magnets. It uses the long-ribbon geometry of classic ribbon microphones of the 1930s. The R 14 sound is rich, warm, and silky smooth with generous low end, and is known to take EQ very nicely. The natural sound of the R 14 Ribbon Microphone is the perfect complement to the condensers in your microphone collection. 
Remember never blow into a ribbon microphone!
      The microphone comes as a complete system including: R 14 Microphone in a Wood Box, and a Shock Mount.

      Technical Data

      • Type: Ribbon-Velocity Studio Microphone
      • Operating Principle: Electrodynamic Pressure Gradient
      • Magnets: Rare Earth Neodymium
      • Frequency Range: 30Hz/16KHz
      • Polar Pattern: Figure 8 (Bi-Directional)
      • Sensitivity: > -52 dBV re: 1v/pa
      • Impedance: 200 ohms
      • S.P.L: 149 dB
      • Equivalent Noise: 0 dB(A)
      • Power Requirements: None required or recommended
      • Size: 36mm x 176 mm
      • Weight: 496g


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