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Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

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Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

$9,590 Dólares


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      El Mastering Compressor es un sistema híbrido, con dos tipologías corriendo en paralelo: Un agresivo y ultra rápido compresor FET y un sutil y extremadamente musical opto compresor. Después de unas horas de convivir con este monstruo de control, encontrará que alimenta vida y emoción a cualquier pieza musical que se le aviente.

      Dual compression sections for unprecedented dynamic control

      The Shadow Hills Industries Mastering Compressor controls your dynamics in two stages, an optical section and a discrete section. The optical section is mostly program dependent, with just Threshold and Gain settings, and features a two-stage release time reminiscent of a famous audio leveler from the late-'60s. Use the optical section to get your dynamic range under control, and to bring up overall level.

      The discrete section utilizes a VCA design, and takes over where the optical section leaves off. With precise control over ratio, attack, and release, you'll be able to fine-tune the response of the Mastering Compressor to suit any program material, for any project.

      Each section can be hardwire-bypassed individually, essentially giving you three exceptional methods of dynamics control in one single compressor.

      Switchable output transformers for sonic variety

      You have remarkable control over the tone and vibe of your music with the Shadow Hills Industries Mastering Compressor, thanks to three switchable output transformers. Switching transformers provides a subtle but significant tonal shift, allowing you to choose the right vibe for your material. Choose from steel, nickel, or iron output transformers to get the iconic sound of different styles of analog consoles. The nickel transformer gives you a natural low end with smoothly enhanced high frequencies, outstanding for intimate acoustic recordings. The iron transformer has a natural high end with a slight boost around 110Hz, and has a Class-A output stage that only passes even-ordered harmonic distortion - very musical. The steel transformer sounds very open with a detailed and fast response, with a very subtle boost around 40Hz that helps provide rock-solid low frequencies.

      Premium signal path throughout

      From the custom-designed, gold-plated stepped attenuators for easy settings recall, to the custom output transformers, the Mastering Compressor's signal path is world-class all the way. And each compressor section can be hardwire-bypassed for exceptional sonic integrity when not in use.


      • Choose from optical compression, VCA compression, or both in series, for unprecedented dynamic control with a mastering-grade signal path
      • Optical section provides smooth, program dependent leveling, just like a classic audio leveler from the late-'60s.
      • Discrete section gives you the fast, precise sound of a classic VCA compressor
      • Sidechain frequency filter prevents frequencies below 90Hz from triggering compression for tighter-sounding mixes
      • Three selectable output transformers each have their own distinctive sonic characteristics, for unparalleled tonal control


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