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SSL Origin 16

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SSL Origin 16

$35,999 Dólares


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      This is our ORIGIN
      As the latest in a long heritage of SSL studio mixing consoles, ORIGIN has traditional analogue studio workflow at its heart whilst providing the perfect partner for a modern DAW-driven hybrid production studio. ORIGIN takes a fresh look at what a large format console needs to do to work in harmony with a modern DAW driven production studio.
      The functional design looks back at the origin of in-line consoles for signal flow inspiration, but its circuits are at the cutting edge of SSL’s latest analogue developments. These new analogue designs deliver huge dynamic range and bandwidth yet still have the characterful, pleasing qualities of space and depth that analogue breathes on digital audio.

      Technical Innovation
      ORIGIN is more than just the culmination of four decades of technical innovation. With our deep knowledge of workflow and studio integration, we understand that a console has to provide the immediacy and well-executed ergonomics that will inspire and engage a modern studio environment.
      ORIGIN takes these principles and combines them with a modern feature-set that bridges the gap between digital production and analogue console workflow.

      Analogue Layout Hybrid Workflow
      A unique and innovative modular centre section allow ORIGIN to adapt to different applications and priorities, whether being used as a purely tracking console with additional boutique analogue additions to the 19” rack centre section, or a very digital/analogue hybrid approach with screens and controllers easily reached from the centre of the console.

      E-Series '242' EQ

      The E-Series '242' EQ was probably the most popular EQ from the SL 4000 series console range, and it's back for ORIGIN, which uses this iconic SSL design for it's channel EQ.
      ORIGIN features the acclaimed E-Series four-band parametric EQ on each of its 32-channels, with variable Cut/Boost per band, HF and LF Bell/Shelf switches, independent sweepable HPF on every channel and unmistakable '242' style growl and deep low end.



      ORIGIN features a completely new microphone pre-amplifier design that inherits the clarity and purity of previous SSL mic pre's, with the added flexibility of switching character to a warm, harmonically-rich and driven tone that varies with gain. The ideal solution to 'perfect' digital system and hybrid workflow.
      PureDrive™ is a new discrete transistor mic-pre based around modern FET components. The result is an ultra-clean, ultra-low noise pre amp, that is fast and offers stunning resolution when in 'Pure' mode. Hit the switch and the 'Drive' circuit is engaged, adding gain dependent non-linear harmonic saturation.




      • 32-channel analogue in-line design
      • High quality 100mm large and 60mm small fader on every channel
      • 16+2 buses
      • 4x Monitor outputs
      • 3x Foldback outputs
      • Acclaimed SSL E-Series four band parametric channel EQ
      • Sweepable HPF on every channel
      • Classic SSL Bus Compressor with side-chain access, HP filter and insert point
      • Dedicated channel direct outputs
      • New PureDrive Mic pre & drive circuit
      • New mix bus and mix amp architecture - delivers ultra-low noise floor and huge headroom
      • Balanced Insert Point per Large Fader and Small Fader Channel Paths.
      • Stem-ready 0dB fader bypass switch
      • Unique power management tools deliver ultimate reliability and low running costs
      • Freelance engineer friendly
      • Adjustable centre section features 12U of rack space for:
      • Software controllers
      • Computer keyboard and accessories
      • Additional hardware processing
      • Drop down meter bridge

      ORIGIN Centre Section
      With the evolution of more sophisticated digital audio workstations and new hybrid approaches to session workflow, ORIGIN takes a fresh look at what an analogue console provides to complement these sophisticated digital tools.
      While ORIGIN has a familiar surface, its design makes it adaptable for many different production scenarios. The 19” rack based ‘modular’ centre section allows the console to adapt to different control priorities and adds space for custom outboard processing. For example, the addition of a central 500 series rack provides a way to accommodate flexible analogue processing from a number of manufacturers, the ability to move the centre section allows for workstation controllers to be centrally located, even the 3U centre meter panel can be moved to allow a workstation monitor to move closer to the engineer without obscuring the main meters.
      The sections below give an overview of possible centre section configurations.

      Full Sized Keyboard
      In this layout, the Centre Section has been moved towards the rear of the console by 3U.
      A blank 3U panel has been moved into the space above the Stereo Group Faders and this can be used for a computer keyboard.

      DAW Controller Layout
      This layout shows how the Centre Section can be moved to the top 6U of the console centre section.
      The two 3U blank panels have been moved into the space above the Stereo Group Faders and this space is used for a DAW controller.

      Alternate Meter Layout
      ORIGIN's centre meters are built as a 3U panel, they can be moved into the upper 3U of the Centre Section.
      In this image, the blank 3U panel is moved into the overbridge to keep the centre meters visible if the overbridge space is likely to be obscured (for example by a flat screen monitor / DAW screen)

      Additional Hardware Processing
      In this layout, the two 3U panels have been replaced with a 500 series rack fitted with 8 mono SSL Dynamics modules and a stereo SSL Bus Compressor.
      A 1U grill panel has been fitted above the centre section to aid with ventilation and the remaining 2U fitted with a blank panel. The low right area next to the Stereo group faders has an Apple Magic trackpad placed on it.
      The two 3U blanking panels have been moved into the space above the Stereo Group faders and this space s used for a DAW controller. The lower right area next to the Stereo group faders has an Apple Magic Trackpad.

      ORIGIN Master Control
      The Master Control section is the heart of the ORIGIN, designed with the easily accessible features and tools needed for fast and creative session workflow.
      ORIGIN offers engineers and producers the tools required for everything from large-scale tracking to hybrid mix down session.
      Taking sustainability, ergonomics, modern gain-staging and communication requirements into consideration, ORIGIN offers a reassuringly familiar Master Control feature-set with some ahead-of-the-curve functionality.

      SSL Bus Compressor
      The legend has been updated. The classic SSL Bus Compressor is a fundamental feature of SSL Master Control tiles, and see's a number of enhancements in ORIGIN. Offering new compression ratios, insert return and built-in side chain filter, the legendary mix bus glue (and punch) is ready for even the most modern of productions.

      Bus Trim Masters and Routing
      Central track bus routing matrix, featuring sixteen +/- 10dB Trims for the track buses, with a routing assign switches for each bus.

      Auto Sleep
      The unique Auto Sleep mode enables automatic detection of prolonged inactivity to put the console in stand-by, reducing power consumption and making ORIGIN significantly more efficient than legacy SSL consoles. Once the engineer is ready to use the console again, simply move a control and ORIGIN will wake-up and return to full functionality in an instant.

      Solo Master Section
      Comprehensive Solo controls provide choice of Solo-In-Front with Mix balance, Solo-In-Place for Large, Small & Group faders and PFL options. Solo Level, Solo Clear and Red Light Switch complete the available options.

      Oscillator and 3.5mm Jack Input
      The 400Hz internal oscillator has an additional switched 3.5mm jack external input, a level trim plus To Mix and To Buses switches.

      Peak Hold Selection plus Peak Clear for all console LED Meters. Mix Meter Follow Monitor Source option increases main mix mater flexibility. Independent DIM controls for path Channel and Monitor Inputs reduce meter distractions in fast-paced sessions.

      Mix Bus
      The mix bus features a high-quality 100mm fader, with fully balanced switched Insert for external bus processing.

      Master Talkback and Listen controls, the comm's section of ORIGIN offers a matrix of sources and outputs to manage communication and foldback to the studio floor and artists. Listen To Talkback features provide a simple way for artists to artists communication in large recording rooms.

      CUE and AUX Masters
      Master Output Trims and AFL Switches for Stereo Cue A and B buses, plus mono AUX Buses 1 to 4.

      The monitoring section features independent Trims for Alternate Monitors 1 & 2, variable DIM level, MONO plus Left & Right MUTES and øL polarity switch. You can select your monitor source from the main mix, three external stereo sources or a front panel stereo 3.5mm jack input, with a Sum switch allowing selected sources to be listened to simultaneously.
      The monitor speaker selector allows you to choose between the Main monitors plus two Alternate monitor sets, plus headphones with level control (under console armrest).

      Four Stereo Return Inputs enable ORIGIN to route to Mix and Track Buses with level controlled feeds to Stereo Foldback Outputs A & B.

      Listen Mic and Talkback
      The top of the Master Control tile features an XLR input for talkback mic, with level trims and +48V switches for both the talkback and rear panel Listen Mic input.

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