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      4 Mic Pre’s, conversion, and USB soundcard 

      Strap: Mic Pre’s with prestige:
      PURE DRIVE QUAD harnesses the renowned SuperAnalogue PureDrive™ microphone preamp technology originally featured in Solid State Logic's ORIGIN console, introduces a new DRIVE mode and connectivity, and makes it available in a 4-channel 2U rackmount unit.

      SSL's contemporary-classic recording console, ORIGIN, introduced the PureDrive™ microphone preamplifier. This innovative preamp retains the clarity and punch of previous SSL designs while offering the added versatility of switching its character to a warm, harmonically rich, and driven tone that varies with gain. ORIGIN, along with the PureDrive™ microphone preamp, has made its mark in the world's premier studios. Whether it's capturing the delicate nuances of a piano concerto in PURE mode or imparting warmth on a drum recording when set to DRIVE, the PureDrive™ microphone preamp has become an essential tool in some of the most prestigious studios and recording facilities due to its flexibility and superb sonic signature.

      PURE DRIVE QUAD continues the legacy into rack format, delivering four microphone preamps with ORIGIN’s renowned PURE and DRIVE modes, but takes it further, adding a new ‘Asymmetric’ DRIVE, advanced digital connectivity, and an onboard USB interface. PURE DRIVE QUAD offers four mic preamp input impedance options, enabling engineers to explore various tonal possibilities or match the mic pre's impedance closely to the microphone. Additionally, each mic pre includes independent +48V phantom power, polarity inversion, and a sweepable High Pass Filter. PURE DRIVE QUAD stands as one of the most capable and feature-rich outboard microphone preamplifiers available, introducing a host of new sonic possibilities and workflows for the discerning producer and recording engineer.

      3 Flavours, 1 Mic Pre
      PURE DRIVE QUAD is a testament to SSL's commitment to progressive analogue circuit design. No electro-mechanical components (potentiometers, mechanical switches, relays etc) are used in the critical audio signal path of PURE DRIVE QUAD, increasing product longevity, and allowing impeccable ‘matching’ between all channels – not just a stereo pair. The use of digitally controlled analogue circuits, controlled by detented pots and electronic switches simplifies recall and precision of settings.

      Each of PURE DRIVE QUAD’s mic pre’s can be independently switched between three distinct DRIVE modes: Clean, Classic Drive, and Asymmetric Drive.

      Clean mode delivers the highly regarded, ultra-low noise floor, linear SSL preamp that is recognised for its ability to faithfully capture the sound of the source with exceptional clarity and detail.

      Classic Drive is the symmetrical mode that generates predominantly odd harmonics; the same drive sound found on the ORIGIN console.

      Asymmetric Drive offers up a new colouration option, specifically designed for the PURE DRIVE range, making the even harmonic content dominant and providing more pronounced thickness, colouration and softening of transients.

      Advanced Connectivity
      PURE DRIVE QUAD’s advanced connectivity opens a world of recording possibilities. Its comprehensive selection of analogue and digital I/O offers microphone preamps with exceptional performance and flexibility, whether you're tracking a band in a world-class studio or adding warmth to stems in a production scenario. It's also ideal for project studios and on-location sessions where quality cannot be compromised, thanks to its integrated USB sound card.

      PURE DRIVE QUAD features four rear-mounted combo XLR inputs, four front-panel Hi-Z/DI instrument inputs with automatic input detection, and three sets of D-sub connectors for line-level inputs, as well as insert send and insert return. PURE DRIVE QUAD’s insert returns/ADC inputs operate up to full +24 dBu line-level, for interfacing with other professional equipment.

      PURE DRIVE QUAD’s versatile digital connectivity features an integrated USB soundcard providing four channels of audio into your DAW up to 32-Bit/192 kHz. Two AES/EBU output pairs, and ADAT out, offering four channels at 24-bit/48 kHz, or cascade two PURE DRIVE QUADs via its convenient ADAT LINK IN connection and access up to eight channels. The AES and ADAT outputs can even be individually repurposed to be fed from the onboard USB soundcard as outputs from your DAW. Finally, there's an auto-ranging word clock input and output for robust digital clocking.


      4 channel high-performance PureDrive™ mic preamps 
      +48V phantom power, polarity invert and sweepable 3rd order hi-pass filter
      Stepped Gain control up to +65 dB Gain 
      31-step Trim control, with precise 1 dB increments – overdrive the signal with the Gain control and then reduce to a suitable level using Trim. 
      3 modes for each preamp – Clean, Classic Drive and Asymmetric Drive 
      Mic/Line Input Switching 
      Mic via XLR  
      Line via choice of TRS Jack or dedicated D-Sub connectivity 
      4 x front panel Hi-

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