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Electrodyne Summing Station

$3,495 Dólares


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Electrodyne Summing Station

$3,495 Dólares


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      Complete True Large-Format Analog Summing Bus with Stereo Insert
      Essential Studio Control Room Monitor Features
      Artist Cue/Talkback
      High Power Headphone Amp

      Classic Electrodyne 1970's Large-Format Console Summing and Stereo Mix bus:

      • 16 channel active summing network and stereo bus with fully balanced stereo insert path.
      • Transformer balanced analog outputs. Transformer control for "tight" vs. "warm" mix bus sonics.
      • Precision Detented Master Bus Level Pot with Stereo Bus Calibration Trimmers.
      • Original Electrodyne design transformers and discrete transistor op-amps throughout.
      • Studio Quality Control Room Monitor Section:
      • Stereo Mix, Artist Cue, XLR and 1/8" Mobile Device Inputs.
      • Precision Detented Control Room Level Pot.
      • Mono, Dim and Mute Controls.
      • Main/Alt Monitor Selector with Precision Level Trimmers for Alternate Speakers.
      • Extremely Low Distortion Balanced Signal Path for Quality and Accuracy of Monitoring.
      • High Power, Low Distortion Headphone Amplifier.
      • Artist Cue and Talkback:
      • Cue Input Talkback Loop for Artist Headphone / Studio Monitor Mix.
      • Integrated Talkback Microphone with Control Room Monitor Dim function and Remote Talkback Jack.
      • "Control Room Listen" Function Allows Artists in Studio to Hear Control Room Sources (Playback,
      • Rehearsal, etc.)


      • MONO 1-2, MONO 3-4 buttons: Changes stereo pairs 1-2 and 3-4 to two mono channels each.  This allows two or four mono sources 
      (eq: Kick, Snare, Lead Vocal, Bass, etc…) Avoids using up a stereo pair for mono tracks.
      • MIX level knob: 31-step detented Master Stereo bus level for accurate recall. “0” setting is unity gain.  +6db of gain above unity is available for boosting mix levels. 

INSERT button: Engages a fully balanced Stereo bus insert for mix mastering and stereo processing gear.
      • BUS trimpots: Allows trimming +1.5db/-3db for exact stereo bus levels to your stereo master recorder (DAW, Stereo tape machine, etc...)
      • TRANSFORMER button:Changes mix bus tones by switching mix amps and output transformers to two different configurations. 
     “WARM”, classic 1970’s full transformer harmonics. 
     “TIGHT”, smooth and silky with controlled harmonics.


      • TALKBACK button: Mutes incoming CUE or CR LISTEN audio and sends Talkback Mic to CUE bus outputs.
      • TALKBACK level knob: Adjusts level of Talkback microphone to CUE bus outputs.
      • Talkback Mic.
      • CR LISTEN button: Switches CUE output from CUE input, to audio selected on CONTROL ROOM source selector buttons.
      • CR LISTEN level knob: Adjusts level of audio from CONTROL ROOM source selector to CUE outputs, when CR LISTEN is engaged.



      • EXT-1 button: Selects Control Room input from 1/8” front panel jack. For SmartPhone, MP3 player and other portable audio devices.
      •  EXT-1 front 1/8" jack: For personal/mobile electronics (Smartphone, MP3 player, etc..) Standard 1/8” stereo  audio input jack, over-rides rear 1/4”
         TRS jack when plugged in.  (-6db nominal level)
      • EXT-2 button: Selects Control Room input from rear panel balanced XLR connectors.
      • CUE button: Selects Control Room input from CUE input xlr's.
      • MIX button: Selects Control Room input from Summing section Stereo mix bus.
      • CONTROL ROOM knob: Controls level of studio monitor speakers.
      • MONO button: Folds stereo signal to mono (for phase checking, mono compatibility, etc..)
      • DIM button: Reduces CONTROL ROOM level by approximately 20db.
      • MUTE button: Mutes studio monitors.
      • MONITORS button: Selects MAIN or ALT monitor speaker sets.
      • ALT trimpots: Adjusts level of ALT speakers for matching MAIN speaker levels.
        Factory default setting is no attenuation (equal to MAIN).  Adjustments should be made by setting level controls on your ALT speakers louder than
         Main, and turning down ALT trimpots to match MAIN speaker levels.
      • HEADPHONE level knob: Adjusts level of HEADPHONE amplifier. (NOTE: Headphone amp can be set Pre or Post Control Room level. (see internal
         jumper settings).
      • HEADPHONE jack: 1/4” TRS jack for professional headphones.
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