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Telefunken U47

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Telefunken U47

$9,995 Dólares


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      Few microphones are as iconic as Telefunken's U47 tube condenser microphone. This vintage-style tube studio microphone gives you the smooth and sweet sound that made the classic crooners of the 1950s come to life all around the world. In addition to vocals, the U47 is a long-time favorite for classical recordings, where its robust low-frequent handling, airy high end, and switchable cardioid/omnidirectional pattern make it ideal for Decca tree stereo mic arrangements.

      A classic studio workhorse condenser for vocals, amps, and instruments alike

      Whether you're recording the soulful crooning of a baritone vocalist or the open and airy sound of a chamber string quartet, the Telefunken U47 will provide you with the commanding midrange, extended low end, and glassy highs that have made this microphone a household name since 1946. From the loudest drums to the subtlest strains of nylon-string guitar, the U47 captures all of the beauty of any source you throw at it in exquisite detail. No matter which tube microphones you've recorded with, until you get your hands on a genuine U47, you'll never know what all the fuss is about.

      Dual pickup pattern modes provide you with ideal recording options

      One of the things that made the original U47 such a smash hit in the first place was its switchable polar pattern. Loaded with a dual-diaphragm capsule, the Telefunken U47 condenser microphone lets you choose from either cardioid or omnidirectional polar patterns. In addition to shaping the pickup area, these patterns also subtly change the sound of your mic, giving you the ability to fine tune your tone to best match your source.

      Old-school engineering and modern electronics deliver timeless U47 tone

      Technology has changed quite a bit since the Telefunken U47 first hit the street, and the original M7 capsule, as well as the military surplus VF-14M tubes that formed the heart of the U47 are long gone. But Telefunken has remained steadfastly committed to providing that classic U47 sound. That's why they developed amazing new components, ranging from the plug-and-play VF-14K vacuum tube to the BV8 output transformer. Hold them up side-by-side and you'll be hard pressed to tell a vintage U47 from a modern one. Plug them in and all you'll hear is pure amazing tube-microphone tone.

      Telefunken U47 Tube Condenser Microphone Features:

      • Telefunken's classic large-diaphragm tube studio condenser microphone updated for modern recording
      • Classic smooth midrange, robust bass, and airy treble make this a real go-to microphone for any source
      • Based on the microphones used on countless vocal and classical recordings from the 1950s and on
      • Dual-sided M7 capsule provides you with both cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns
      • VF14K metal tube and BV8 output transformer provide smooth sound and tons of headroom
      • Locking Case, NG Style power supply, shockmount, and wooden box included


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