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Neumann U67 Tube - Edición de Colección

$7,895 Dólares


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Neumann U67 Tube - Edición de Colección

$7,895 Dólares


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      The Legend Returns

      Based on the readily available EF86 pentode tube that was already being used in Neumann's small-diaphragm KM56, the U 67 incorporated a new K 67 capsule and transformer-balanced tube circuit along with modern innovations that delivered significant sonic and operational improvements on its predecessor. The U 67 was enthusiastically welcomed by the pro studio community and assumed its place as the large-diaphragm Neumann workhorse in daily use at virtually every major facility on the planet. It would not be a stretch to say that the U 67 defined the sound of the '60s. Now the legend is back — in a meticulous reissue, handcrafted in Germany to original specifications using archived documentation.

      Now more than ever

      The Neumann U 67 shed the chunky shape of its predecessor in favor of the svelte, tapered profile we associate with contemporary large-diaphragm condenser mics. Its K 67 capsule featured three polar patterns instead of the U 47's two; it also sported a switchable highpass filter and 10dB pre-attenuation pad, which made it ideal for capturing the dynamics of drums and taming electric guitar amps as they became progressively more boisterous throughout the '60s. Flash forward to today's digital recordings — which can sound cold, clinical, or harsh if proper attention is not paid to every component in the signal path — and it's no mystery why the U 67's warm, smooth sound continues to be in high demand.

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