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$140 Dólares


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      The UTA Vari-Cap Instrument Cable is the culmination of years of listening, experimenting, and ultimately designing a revolutionary approach to the common instrument cable. For the first time, a guitarist is able to vary the amount of capacitance imparted by the instrument cable itself.  The interaction between the capacitance of the cable with the inductance of the instrument pick-ups has a MASSIVE influence on the sound of the instrument being used.  The Vari-Cap Cable allows the user to adjust the capacitance from an unbelievably low 150 pFto 1,650 pF in 100 pF steps.  You simply have to hear the difference this makes to truly understand how important this issue is.


      • High resolution Variable Capacitance control
      • Convenient and Ergonomic User Adjustability
      • Range of adjustment 150 pF - 1,650 pF in fifteen 100 pF steps
      • Durable Neutrik 1/4” Connectors

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