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Peluso VTB

$2,199 Dólares


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Peluso VTB

$2,199 Dólares


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      The physical design of this exciting new microphone is inspired by the classic German Bottle Microphones. The VTB uses innovative Peluso circuitry with an extremely low noise floor and classic tube sound. It has a more modern sound with strong and clean low end, smooth detailed mid-range, and lots of high-end air. The VTB is stunning on vocals and brings a beautiful high-end emphasis to other instruments. The VTB features an on mic 15dB pad and low frequency roll off switches.

      The Peluso VTB is paired with the Peluso MX-56 power supply. The dual sided capsule in the VTB enables the power supply to feature 9 polar patterns in an array from omni-directional to cardioid to figure eight. The VTB also has an additional switch to disable the pattern control system. This allows the mic to run just a single diaphragm in the capsule, giving it a mode with extremely pure cardioid characteristics.

      The VTB comes with a 7-conductor cable with standard 7-pin XLR connector.
      Acoustically matched pairs available upon special request.

      The microphone comes as a complete system including: VTB Microphone in a Wood Box, Power Supply, 7 Conductor Cable, and Shock Mount all packed in a Flight Case.

      Technical Data

      • Capsule Type: Condenser Pressure Gradient w/ 32 mm capsule
      • Frequency Range: 25 Hz/24 Khz
      • Polar Pattern: 9 - Switchable from omni- to bi-directional w/ pattern control disable
      • Sensitivity: > 11 mv/pa
      • Impedance: 200 ohms
      • SPL: 150 dB(A) w/ 15 dB pad switch engaged
      • Equivalent Noise: 15 dB(A)
      • Tube Type: Glass triode 5784 or 6J1PB
      • Power Requirements: Dedicated Power Supply, 115V or 230V AC
      • Size: 50mm x 225 mm
      • Weight: 620g


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