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Elysia Xfilter

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Elysia Xfilter

$1,499 Dólares


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      The versatile elysia Xfilter Rack stereo equalizer is equally capable at bringing out the magic in individual tracks as well as buses and full mixes. This true stereo EQ is incredibly easy to use. The Xfilter Rack's powerful filters let you add resonance to the cutoff point - an instant recipe for punchy drums, tight bass, and vocals that pop. And you can smooth out any source while bringing out high-end sparkle with the Xfilter's Passive Massage circuit.

      Elysia Xfilter Rack Stereo 4-band Parametric Equalizer at a Glance:

      • Resonant filters make mixing incredibly easy
      • Passive Massage feature smooths highs while adding sparkle
      • True stereo operation with one convenient set of controls

      Resonant filters make mixing incredibly easy

      Making instruments, vocals, and effects sit well in your mix is easy with the elysia Xfilter Rack EQ. You get two sweet-sounding parametric mid-frequency bands, but the real magic in the Xfilter Rack is in its low and high bands with resonance. These are switchable between shelving and cutoff-filter operation. When you use them as resonant cutoff filters, the Xfilter Rack lets you add resonant power to the cutoff frequency. That means you can clean the rumble from bass and kick drums, while also adding oomph to the fundamental tone. Or you can darken brighter sounds while maintaining presence. Sculpting sounds with the resonant filters on the Xfilter Rack makes them easy to fit in the mix, while also enhancing them.

      Passive Massage feature smooths highs while adding sparkle

      You'll see a Passive Massage switch on the high-frequency band of the elysia Xfilter Rack, and you soon won't want to mix without it. This circuit basically smooths out high frequencies with a gentle rolloff around 17kHz, but also has a slight resonance peak around 12kHz. This polishes the top end while also enhancing presence, all without actually boosting the high-frequency volume of your tracks. To add that special magic to vocals, and that complex shimmer to acoustic instruments, just turn on the Xfilter Rack's Passive Massage.

      True stereo operation with one convenient set of controls

      The elysia Xfilter Rack is perfect for both single tracks and full mixes, with true stereo operation that won't hurt your stereo image a bit. Elysia uses computer-selected dual and quad layer pots as well as special low tolerance caps to achieve reliable stereo-linked operation without any sonic artifacts. Best of all the Xfilter Rack has one set of controls for both channels, so it's easy to dial in fast.

      Elysia Xfilter Rack Stereo 4-band Parametric Equalizer Features:

      • True-stereo equalizer with two peaking bands and two shelving/cutoff bands
      • Peaking bands have selectable narrow/wide bandwith modes for versatility
      • Low and high bands can be switched between shelving and cutoff-filter modes
      • Cutoff filters can add resonance to help tighten and define your tracks
      • Passive Massage switch engages a passive high-end EQ that smooths highs while enhancing presence and detail
      • Stepped knobs make it easy to recall exact settings
      • Class A design, built in Germany

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