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Warm Audio WA-8000

$1,199 Dólares


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Warm Audio WA-8000

$1,199 Dólares


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      Introducing the Warm Audio WA-8000 tube condenser microphone. Warm's inspiration was the highly sought-after and revered design of the early 1990s. The WA-8000 lives up to the sonic legacy that continues to foster die-hard fans to this day. Boasting a natural, open top end, supremely clear midrange, and the ability to render detail in a vocal performance unlike most other mics on the planet, let alone in this price range. Engineered true to spec, the WA-8000 meets all of the critical specifications of the original, giving you the true sound of modern R&B and Hip hop for an unprecedented value.

      The WA-8000 is easily recognizable by its open top end, crystal clear midrange, and an uncanny ability to capture every detail of acoustic sources. While most commonly known for modern R&B, Rap, and Hip-hop, the WA-8000 gives you that unmistakable “airy” and polished sound associated with some of the most hi-fidelity recordings of the 90’s and beyond. The WA-8000 is a true studio workhorse equipped to capture any voice or acoustic instrument with elite results.

      True to the Warm formula, the WA-8000 is designed with uncompromising standards using carefully selected, premium components. The WA-8000 features the Swedish-made Lundahl transformer, which performed well beyond any other components during rigorous testing cycles. The NOS 6AU6 tubes selected for assembly provide the widest clear dynamic range of the various brands tested, opening up the greatest level of sonic detail with generous amounts of headroom. Inspired by the original, the all-brass K67-style capsule is engineered with precision, leveraging the highest quality raw materials, even down to the tensioning hoops. The custom-designed external tube mount and heat sink component lowers self-noise and maintains optimal operating temperature. An often overlooked accessory of tube microphones are their 7-pin cables. The WA-8000 includes a 7-pin GAC-7 cable manufactured by Gotham Switzerland to strict standards that outshine any alternatives in terms of rejection and signal-to-noise performance.

      The WA-8000 includes a professional-level, hard carrying case to ensure safe transport of the microphone and its premium components - wherever you record.


      • Rigorously tested, military-grade NOS 6AU6 tube
      • Custom highest-grade transformer from Lundahl Sweden for the widest soundscape and most detail
      • All-brass K67-style capsule, wired straight to the tube, custom machined out of solid brass, optimized to capture subtle nuances
      • External tube mount and heat sink lowers self-noise and draws heat away from internal components for optimal operating temperature
      • Boutique 7-pin GAC-7 tube cable from Gotham Switzerland featuring vintage-correct construction methods, highly upgraded components, near-perfect signal transfer
      • Includes hard carrying case for all components allowing you to safely transport your mic anywhere
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